care for active lifestyles

Move well, feel well and do the things you love.


Whether your goals are athletic, artistic or based in wellness, a treatment plan will be developed to meet your needs. A thorough history and exam will be used to determine musculoskeletal imbalances, poor mechanics, overuse, and the compensations that can be brought on from old injuries, trauma and surgeries.  The goal of treatment is to restore function, reduce pain and develop strategies to decrease the likelihood of future injury.


A variety of technique options are available in order to develop a treatment plan  that meets your goals


  • Diversified chiropractic techniques

  • ART(active release technique)

  • Graston (instrument assisted soft tissue)

  • Cupping

  • Myofascial release

  • Trigger point therapy

  • Class IV LASER

  • Electrical modalities

  • Taping (RockTape FMT I & II)

  • Functional assessment

  • Rehabilitation exercises


Treatment for Athletes


Dr. Andreys has been fortunate to treat in a wide range of clinical settings including  high school athletic training rooms and sidelines of wrestling, basketball, football, water polo, track and field, tennis, soccer and rugby tournaments. She is able to treat injuries to keep athletes participating in their sport, or provide wellness care as part of their injury prevention strategy.


Treatment for Artists


In addition, she has a vested interest in helping artists. As a dancer herself, she realized over the years, that few practitioners focus on the functional needs and repetitive stress injuries found in artists. The same principles used to treat athletes can be used to treat artistic athletes like musicians, fine artist, dancers, circus performers, actors etc. She strives to apply her knowledge of sports medicine to serve the arts community.




Dr. Andreys received both her doctorate in chiropractic medicine and a masters degree in sports and exercise science from The University of Western States in Portland, OR. Her BA in dance with an emphasis in flamenco from was earned at The University of New Mexico, and her massage certification came from The Chicago School of Massage Therapy.


However, Dr. Andrey's health care education started at home. She comes from a long line of healthcare providers and educators starting with her great grandmother who was a midwife, herbalist and healer in Honduras. Dr. Andreys grew up watching her grandmother provide soft tissue work for members of her community that were injured. Alternative medicine in her household was mainstream. When she was 9 years old and had back pain that wasn’t relieved by treatments at home, her mother took her to get adjusted. The part of the treatment that made the biggest impression on Dr. Andreys was when the doctor looked her in the eye and said, “taking care of your back will be your responsibility”.  Even though she was just a child, she was empowered during her very first appointment to take control of her healthcare.


Later, as an adult dancing in a professional Middle Eastern dance company in Chicago and later in a pre-professional flamenco dance company in Albuquerque, she came to fully understand the power of self-care, combined with the care of dedicated healthcare providers. Chiropractors treated her symptoms and educated her on the ways to limit the wear and tear on her body, helping her overcome injuries brought on by long hours of dancing. This combination of experiences were influential in shaping her perspective on health and wellness. 


Dr. Andreys looks forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals.